• 8Tx/8Rx MIMO BTS or Relay Transceivers (Quad AD9361 chips)
  • SDR module in a Massive MIMO BTS
  • RRU for distributed massive MIMO
  • Remote Radio, can be 1m to >10km from BBU or C-RAN
    • Over CPRI Optical Fiber up to 9.8304 Gbps
    • Or over 10Gbps Ethernet
  • General-Purpose Multi-Radio System
  • LTE / WiFi /WiMAX / GSM / CDMA / WCDMA Multi-Radio Transceivers

The RMB-101A is a high-performance Software Define Radio (SDR) 8Tx/8Rx Multi-Channel Transceiver (based on 4 AD9361) Module for a Remote Radio Unit for a Base Band Unit (BBU) located from a few meters to over 10 km away from the radio in a C-RAN type network or for distributed massive MIMO. A single RMB-101A can be used for 8Tx/8Rx MIMO, and multiple modules can be grouped together for a large scale massive MIMO radio unit. See our product Avalo-RU64A for an example of a 64Tx/64Rx 3D MIMO Remote Radio Unit.

The RMB-101A module supports both TDD and FDD operations, and can be used for most general-purpose multi-radio SDR applications, and for LTE-A, LTE, WiFi, WiMAX, GSM, CDMA, WCDMA etc.  Each module includes 4 independent 2 x 2 transceivers, and 4 independent 2 channel receivers or BTS sniffers. It has a very wide RF working band from 70 MHz to 6 GHz, RX channel gain > 70 dB, NF 3 dB, tunable channel bandwidth from less than 200 KHz to 56 MHz, TX noise floor < -156 dBm/Hz, TX power control range up to 90 dB, TX EVM < – 40 dB and channel isolation > 55 dB. The module uses integrated fractional-N synthesizers and the max LO step size only 2.4 Hz.

For the data and control interface, the module has a high speed SERDES that can be configured as a 10Gbps Ethernet or as a CPRI optical fiber interface with the bit rate up to 9.8304 Gbps, sufficient to transport 8 IQ streams. A clock recovery and PLL circuit recovers the clock from the CPRI link and synchronizes all 8 radios on frequency and phase.

The 8 radios, built using 4 AD9361 chips, are supported by a single Kintex 7 FPGA XC7K325T FPGA which has 840 DSP48 slices, 55,650 logic slices, 356,160 logic cells and 25.74Mb of block RAM.


8 Tx / 8 Rx RF Transceivers

  • 8 Tx and 8 Rx (Four 2 x 2 Transceivers)
  • All 8 radios driven by the same clock with phase alignment (clock recovered from CPRI)
  • Support RF Band: 70MHz – 6000MHz
  • RX Channel Gain: > 70 dB
  • RX NF: 3 dB
  • TX Noise Floor: < – 156 dBm / Hz
  • TX Power Control Range: 90 dB
  • TX EVM: < – 40 dB

Single Kintex 7 FPGA supports all 8 radios

  • XC7K325T FPGA with 840 DSP48 slices, 55,650 logic slices and 356, 160 logic cells and and 25.74Mb of block RAM

8 Channels RF Receiver / BTS Sniffer

  • 4 Independent 2 Channels Receiver
  • Support RF Band: 70MHz – 6000MHz
  • RX Channel Gain: > 70 dB
  • RX NF: 3 dB

Integrated Fractional-N Synthesizers

  • 4Hz Max LO Step Size

Support Operations: TDD and FDD
Tunable Channel Bandwidth: < 200 KHz to 56 MHz
Channel Isolation: > 55 dB
Remote SDR over CPRI Optical Fiber Interface 9.8304 Gbps or 10Gbps Ethernet


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